Transforming the Global Workforce

What does it mean to be a global organization?

We could give you a definition about the number of countries your business operates in, your workforce location, your supplier network, the number of languages and currencies that you deal with.

But we think being a global organization means working in a way that harnesses the very best of every culture, ethnicity, and experience across all those complexities. Inclusion is not one size fits all for every business, every situation, every challenge.

That’s why at The Kaleidoscope Group we do global diversity and inclusion differently.

We’ve brought together a team that is educated and experienced in diversity, equity, inclusion and inter-cultural complexities, that live it in their own professional and personal lives. Every single day. Together we’re united across:









We represent global diversity. We live amongst diversity. And we try to successfully navigate all those things every day.

Our approach to every project and organization is unique. It’s about getting to know you, your ‘global’ and helping you make your organization more inclusive.

Our goal is to help you succeed in your global diversity journey.

Dawn Bryan, Sr. VP of Global Practice at The Kaleidoscope GroupHow diversity looks in Denver is different than how it looks in Dubai and it’s different than how it looks in Dehli. It’s important that those differences in thinking about diversity are recognized.

Dawn Bryan, Sr. VP of Global Practice

Let’s explore your journey across global inclusion.

The first step is easy – share some information with us below and schedule a conversation with our Sr. VP of Global Practice, Dawn Bryan.

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