I am passionate about helping global companies understand the unique profile of their diversity and to draw their diverse voices into a dynamic, cohesive whole. The value I bring to each interaction is the belief that every individual has infinite worth and so meaningful relationships form the basis of everything that has lasting importance, whether that is the relationships I form with clients or the relationships I help foster within multicultural teams and across organizations. My engagements with clients are marked by attention to detail, deep listening, responsiveness, and an ability to see the cultural undercurrents that lie beneath the surface of complex, global companies.

Although born in the United States, Dawn spent almost all her adult life living and working in Europe, Asia, and the Horn of Africa. She joined the Kaleidoscope Team in 2018 after repatriating to the US and now leads their work with global clients. As the Senior Vice President for the Global Practice, Dawn concentrates on global diversity and inclusion. Her work enables global companies to develop vision, strategies, and infrastructure that incorporate the variations in how DEI is conceptualized and experienced in the global contexts in which they work so that they can drive enterprise-wide effectiveness and transformation.

Dawn enjoys enabling leaders to develop in global leadership capacities, taking a practical skills-based approach that fosters the specific competencies needed to excel in culturally diverse and complex environments. She loves helping people within global organizations not only understand and appreciate one another but also harness their diversity for greater creativity and productivity.

In leading the Global Practice, Dawn works with a team of colleagues within Kaleidoscope who bring years of DEI expertise as well as an extensive global network of multilingual DEI specialists who provide in-context experience in Europe, Asia, South America, Africa, and the Middle East.

In addition to consulting, Dawn enjoys coaching individuals and teams, facilitating, and public speaking. She combines over 30 years of cross-cultural experience, training in effective global business practices, and a gift for listening to others to help organizations take practical steps toward continuous improvement.

Dawn specializes in building trust and understanding in diverse teams, identifying solutions to intercultural challenges, assessing cultural dynamics in organizations, and bridging cultural divides that affect business. Her client portfolio includes the European Union, the International Community School of Addis Ababa, Martin Brower, LVMH, and The Ford Foundation.

In addition to a Masters in Global Affairs, Dawn holds multiple accreditations in facilitation, a certificate in Global Leadership and Organizational Coaching, and a BA in Education.

Dawn is now based out of London and in addition to her professional work she enjoys volunteering. She has recently volunteered in several capacities, serving as a mentor to women new to international leadership, as a board governor of a large international school in the Horn of Africa, and for a 4-year term as President of Families in Global Transition, an award-winning organization recognized for leading research and developing best practices for people and organizations working cross-culturally. Whether in a professional or volunteer capacity, Dawn loves helping people successfully manage transitions, navigate cultural complexity, thrive in international settings, and work in diverse teams.