I am passionate about diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace. I enjoy working with organizations that are open to change. All employees must be heard and acknowledged to create positive cultural change. Their voice is the foundation of sustainable business success. I find that voice increases employee engagement, which drives effective decision-making and innovation.

Jean Castleberry is a Consultant with the Kaleidoscope Group, a full-service diversity and inclusion consulting firm dedicated to unlocking human potential. One of her responsibilities includes analyzing equal opportunity (EO) data to determine the underlining cause of complaints and offering recommendations to organizations to manage diversity in the workplace. She has an extensive background in leadership and EO.

She is currently Vice-President of The Castleberry Group, LLC, a consulting firm that focuses on supporting government and nonprofit partners in developing and implementing equal opportunity, equity, and diversity objectives and initiatives as requested. She assists with planning and policy analysis that form the strategic priorities and goals of the partner regarding equity implementation and training.

She is a retired Army Military Police (MP) veteran of 25 years who worked in various leadership roles, including an equal opportunity advisor to various commands worldwide. She supervised teams in support of security and installation law and order operations. She tracked personnel’s personal and professional development and provided mentorship to promote growth and alignment with core military values. As a graduate of the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute (DEOMI), she worked in various commands as an Equal Opportunity Advisor. In this role, she provided training, oversaw investigations of equal rights violations, and provided policy guidance to senior management.

After retiring from the Army, she joined the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and worked as a federal investigator in Savannah, GA, and San Antonio, TX. Working for EECO allowed her to utilize her leadership and knowledge to assist organizations in aligning diversity with their mission. She also developed presentations and training materials to educate colleagues and the community about federal laws and conflict resolution in the workplace.

Jean obtained her doctoral degree in psychology specializing in mediation and conflict resolution from the University of the Rockies in Denver, CO, a master’s degree in computer information and resources management from Webster University, MO, and a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from Hawaii Pacific University.