I help nonprofit and government leaders and teams discover how to build stronger organizations that represent the communities they serve. My 20-plus years of leadership experience have taught me that by understanding the power of our employee’s diversity of thought, culture, and backgrounds that centers on inclusivity we establish the keys to success within and outside organizations.

Jim Castleberry is a Senior Consultant with The Kaleidoscope Group. He has an extensive background in law, government, and public service. He lives in Phoenix, AZ, and obtained his Ph.D. from Capella University in Minneapolis, MN, Juris Doctor from William Mitchell College of Law in Minnesota, and graduated from Staff Judge Advocate School at the University of Virginia campus in Charlottesville.

He is currently President of The Castleberry Group, LLC, a consulting firm that focuses on supporting government and nonprofit partners in developing and implementing equal opportunity, equity, and diversity objectives and initiatives as requested. He assists with planning and policy analysis that form the strategic priorities and goals of the partner regarding equity implementation and training.

He previously served as the Associate Dean for the School of Public Policy & Administration at Walden University. His legal and professional experience has focused on military law, regulatory law, and employment law. He has held positions in both the public and private sectors and retired as a legal JAG officer. He received certification as a mediator from the University of Georgia in Athens Georgia and additional training in alternative dispute resolution at Drake Law School in Des Moines, Iowa. Currently, he does contract mediation for the U.S. Department of Agriculture involving federally insured loans and employment law cases with the Equal Employment and Opportunity Commission. He also serves as a FEMA Reservist – Assisting with Civil Rights cases and teaches employment law and conflict resolution for Southern Methodist University.

From 2015-to 2018, he worked on a MacArthur Foundation grant with community leaders representing different cities, counties, and states with unique issues and situations to rethink how we use jails. As a project lead, he facilitated efforts to implement data-driven strategies to safely reduce jail populations. This entailed engaging a diverse set of community stakeholders to determine ways to address local drivers of over-incarceration, address racial disparities around incarceration, improve the system as a whole; and build infrastructure to track the right data and measure performance over time.

He has demonstrated community organization, advocacy, and board development as part of his commitment to serving homeless veterans. In 2010 he established a non-profit foundation to raise awareness and provide financial support to non-profit organizations helping homeless veterans. To date, they have provided over 4 million dollars in financial assistance and countless hours of administrative support.