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If human potentials are unlocked and freed from all forms of barriers it leads to true development. Development encompasses personal growth, contributing to the workplace, and engaging oneself to solve complex societal problems. There is no standard or linear approach to overcoming these barriers, it is different for each one of us, and I feel that is the most exciting part. I am on a lifelong mission to play a catalytic role to help individuals and organizations overcome their barriers.

Manish Michael is a Senior Consultant for The Kaleidoscope Group, India region, a full-service diversity and inclusion consulting firm dedicated to unlocking human potential.

In his past assignment, Manish has served communities across the country in the capacity of Chief Executive Officer of United Way in India. Manish was associated with the United Way network in India for over a decade, where he successfully seeded the Bengaluru chapter and later was promoted to lead the India network of United Way. During his tenure, Manish ensured that companies valuable Corporate Responsibility contributions are put to best use to uplift communities. Prior to United Way, he worked with Child Rights and You (CRY). He also had a short stint serving people in Nigeria, West. Manish continues advising corporations in India on Corporate Social Responsibility and runs a social venture to support the elder community in India.

Manish was awarded the prestigious Ford Foundation Fellowship to develop a master’s degree in Human Rights and Development from the University of Essex in the United Kingdom. In 2016, Manish was selected as an emerging leader by United Way Worldwide to undertake an Executive Leadership Development program with the Centre for Creative Learning, Harvard Kennedy School, and Deloitte University in the United States of America.

He loves cooking and taking his pet on long walks.